This is the website for Steve Lambert (Gavin S. Lambert), author of the poetry collection, Heat Seekers (Cherry Grove Collections), available through Amazon.

“Lambert’s book is a strong collection…like so many of the poems I love, both introspective and insightful. Sometimes they flourish and sometimes they surprise. Many forced me to stop and think about my own life….That’s the best thing I can say about any poem: I connected with it on a deeply personal level.” —Ace Boggess

“This is verse to be contended with.  This is verse, as the cover photo suggests, that punches back.  This is good, good writing.”  —Cowboy Jamboree

“Lambert’s lyrical, rhythmic descriptions bring shine to the grime that otherwise coats the South in his poems. In this way, he distinguishes himself not only from his family, but from this region in which he grew up.” –Rebecca Hannigan, Into The Void

“Heat Seekers enriched my surroundings, tuned my ears to the details that make up the “humming of being.” Lambert’s poems reassured me that it’s possible to be afraid of death and still laugh; it’s perhaps essential.” –Connor Nelson, Florida Book Review